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Put your mind to bed

Great days start with better nights. Sleep by Headspace is here for you with relaxing stories, music, and sounds to help you get the best sleep ever — faster than you can say Zzz.

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Take your mind from racing 
to resting

Make sleep simple with hours of bedtime meditations, dreamy sleep music, and soothing soundscapes. Plus, new audio experiences to explore every month.

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Designed to unwind

Sleep by Headspace is designed for the needs of restless sleepers, even down to a darker palette that’s kinder on tired eyes. It’s perfect whether you have trouble falling asleep, or waking up in the night.

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Great sleep beyond your 
wildest dreams

Besides bedtime music and sounds, you’ll find original sleepcasts: calming stories that transport your mind to tranquil environments. They’re subtly different every night, so you can listen again and again.

Create the perfect conditions for healthy, restful sleep with Sleep by Headspace.