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Happier and healthier employees have been shown to be more productive, resilient and creative.

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Meditation made simple

  • Hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress to sleep
  • Bite-sized meditations for busy schedules
  • SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns

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As few as 10 sessions

A research study has shown that completing just 10 sessions of Headspace significantly increased positive mood whilst reducing negative attitudes.1


Better and happier

A study showed that mindful employees are better at, and happier with, their jobs.2


More resilient and engaged

A study showed that mindfulness improves employee resilience and work engagement.3

Case Studies


1. Howells, A., Ivtzan, A., Eiroa-Orosa, F. J. (2014). Putting the 'app' in Happiness: A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Smartphone-Based Mindfulness Intervention to Enhance Wellbeing.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 17(1), 163-185

2. Reb, J., Narayanan, N., Ho, Z.W. (2015). Mindfulness at Work: Antecedents and Consequences of Employee Awareness and Absent-mindedness.

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3. Aikens, K. A., Astin, J., Pelletier, K. R., Levanovich, K., Baase, C. M., Park, Y. Y., Bodnar, C. M. (2014). Mindfulness goes to work: impact of an online workplace intervention.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 56(7): 721–731.

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