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Give someone you love less stress, better focus, and more happiness.


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Everyday mindfulness

Access to hundreds of meditations on everything from stress, to focus, to compassion


Restful sleep

Sleep sounds, music, and wind-down exercises to put busy minds to bed


Joyful movement

Tension-releasing workouts, relaxing yoga, and mindful runs

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How it works

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Buy 3 months or 1 year of Headspace for someone you love.

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Create a gift card with a personal note to send on a date you choose.

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Recipients get an email to redeem a month or year of Headspace.

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Frequently asked questions

  • If you would like to purchase a Headspace subscription as a gift, you can visit our Gift Headspace page.

    From there, you can select from multiple gifting options and add your recipient’s name, email address, the date you would like this gift sent, and a personalized message.

    Please note that at this time only individual subscriptions are giftable. We do not yet support gifting a Family Plan.

    To purchase multiple gifts, simply repeat the check out process for each gift. Each gift will be sent individually to your recipients on the date* you specify.

    *Please be aware that gift subscriptions are emailed to the recipient at midnight UTC time.

    Need more help? Email us at

  • Yes! You can choose the "Send Date" of your gift as you're going through the gift purchase process along with your recipient’s name and email address, as well as a personalized message to your recipient.

    Please be aware that gift subscriptions are emailed to the recipient at midnight in your time zone on the date you select to send the gift. If you choose to send this gift on same day you purchase it, the email will be sent immediately

    Need more help? Email us at

  • If your gift recipient hasn't received their gift subscription on the day you specified, please ask them to check their "Promotions", "Junk", or "Spam" folder in the email inbox.

    If the gift email still can't be found, please email us with the recipient's email address and we will look into this for you.

    Need more help? Email us at

  • Welcome to Headspace! To get started, follow these steps:

    1. Open the email you received for your Headspace Gift membership
    2. Click on the Redeem Your Gift button in this email
    3. Sign up or Log in to complete the registration process
    4. Download the Headspace app to login and begin to explore the full Headspace library

    Need more help? Email us at

  • If you're receiving an error message when trying to redeem your Headspace Gift using the Redeem Your Gift button found in your Headspace Gift email and you are not currently on an active Headspace subscription, we would recommend clearing your cache as well as using an internet browser that Headspace is currently optimized to run on. You can see the list of these browsers here.

    If you have a current Headspace subscription or are continuing to have issues redeeming your Headspace Gift Membership, please reach out to our team and we would be happy to assist you.

    Need more help? Email us at

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