A Mindful Pregnancy

Imagine creating the most peaceful environment possible for you and your child. This book offers a practical and reassuring guide to help you calmly navigate the anxieties and demands of pregnancy. Through his own unique lens as a husband, father, teacher and former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe takes a real and refreshing approach to this remarkable experience.

Meditation Books

Meditation & Mindfulness

This is a book about meditation... but not as you know it. There’s no chanting, no sitting cross-legged, no need for a particular belief system. And you don’t have to commit to extended periods of time. Andy Puddicombe shows you how just ten minutes of meditation per day can bring about life-changing results.

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Mindful Eating

Do you feel comfortable with your body? Wish you were healthier? Think you might be eating for the wrong reasons? Andy Puddicombe explores our culture’s relationship with food and introduces an effective, scientifically-proven approach that will make mindful eating a part of your everyday life.

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