The Headspace Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness

headspace guide

By Andy Puddicombe

This is a book about meditation. But not as you know it. There's no chanting, no sitting cross-legged and no need for scented candles. Andy Puddicombe, Co-founder of Headspace, shows you how just ten minutes' meditation each day can change your life.

If I'd learnt these techniques years ago it would have helped me through difficult periods in my life ... I feel calmer, clearer, more content, and less resistant to all that life can offer me.

Francis Bentley, Vogue

The experts' expert. Simplicity is key with the technique ... no mystical mumbo jumbo ... the Headspace approach is straightforward and relaxed.

The Times

A Mindful Pregnancy

Imagine creating the most peaceful environment possible for you and your child. This book offers a practical and reassuring guide to help you calmly navigate the anxieties and demands of pregnancy.

Headspace Guide - Mindful Pregnancy
Headspace Guide - Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Do you feel comfortable with your body? Wish you were healthier? Think you might be eating for the wrong reasons? Make mindful eating a part of your everyday life.

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