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BBC Studios and Headspace present: Mindful Earth

Sit back and immerse yourself in a captivating journey to breathe, release, and restore.

An original four-part series, Mindful Earth is about the extraordinary power of nature and mindfulness to ground us when we need a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Written by Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe, each themed episode is an excursion that blends soothing narration with breathtaking visuals from around the world.

From the joyful dancing of bottlenose dolphins to the hypnotic flights of starlings, Mindful Earth is your ticket to a more renewed and relaxed state of mind. All from the comfort of your couch.

Premieres on BBC4 September 7. Watch mini episodes and exclusive footage on the Headspace app later this year. Check out the trailer below.

You’re invited on a mindful tour of nature’s wonders.

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