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"As the saying goes, “the game is 90% mental, the other half is physical,” Headspace brings expertise in that 90% as Nike’s exclusive partner in meditation, mindfulness, and mental training. This alliance includes original meditation content in Nike fitness apps, personal mental training with athletes, and branded activations at select Nike events.

Headspace integrates seamlessly into the Nike Training Club and Nike Running Club apps. While NTC offers posts on the foundations of mindfulness, NRC users can lace up and meditate on the run, literally. Headspace’s original audio-guided runs, hosted by Nike Coach Chris Bennett and Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe, connect the mind and body as the miles fly by.

Andy also works with Nike's elite trainers and athletes to help them gain that critical mental edge in competition. He educates them on holistic training methods and the benefits of using Headspace as a mental performance tool.

The soothing glow of the Headspace orange dot even pops up at Nike events. We’ve participated in a mindfulness summit at Nike's corporate campus, collaborated on and hosted workshops at the Nike Just Do it Headquarters pop up in Los Angeles and created a ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’ activation at the Nike store in Santa Monica along with other activations at marathons.

"Mindfulness is the ultimate tool for any athlete at any level,” Andy says. “Easy to learn and simple to apply, it can help strengthen motivation, increase focus, improve resilience, enhance form, optimize recovery and, perhaps most important of all, get us out of our head and into the body for an enjoyable and fulfilling training session.”

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