Say Hello to the Headspace meditation app

At Headspace we’re way more than a meditation app. But it’s important to us that the Headspace journey is accessible in as many ways as possible. So our mobile app makes practicing simple mindfulness techniques easy, from a variety of systems - helping fulfill our mission of a healthier, happier world, one mobile device at a time!

Download the app on Apple iOS and Android devices and get your Headspace where you want it, when you want it.

What's on the Headspace meditation app?

Take10 for free

The basic meditation app includes our classic Take10 programme and animations, which are free for everyone.

Personalised Journey

Subscribers have access to the full Headspace Collection; with hundreds of hours of content, on everything from stress and creativity to relationships and happiness.

Buddy System

The Headspace Buddy System helps you connect with your friends to motivate each other along your meditation journey.

"It's an app that teaches you how to meditate. It's kind of genius."

Emma Watson, actress

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