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Finding Time for Joy

Finding Time for Joy


12 min

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Sudan Archives' Playlist

Sudan Archives' Playlist

Focus Music

50 min

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The latest meditations and top picks from our team.

Courses and Singles

Guided meditations for any moment.

Beginning Meditation

Learn the fundamental techniques of meditation.


For times when you really need a break.

Quick Meditations

Give yourself a moment to breathe.

Quick Focus Resets

Short exercises for getting back into focus.

Calming Everyday Anxiety

Get in-the-moment support for anxious thinking.


Choose a length and press play. Guided or unguided.

Guided Breathwork

Simple breathing techniques to relax your mind and body.

Techniques and Support

Mindfulness tips to deepen your practice.

Deepen Your Practice

Ready to go further? Advanced courses with less guidance, more silence.

Politics Without Panic

Stress-relieving tools for election season — so you can hear yourself think, and make yourself heard.

Pride From the Inside Out

Be kind to LGBTQIA+ minds through affirmation, community, and support.

Mental Health Matters

Prioritize your mind with resources to feel happier at work and everywhere else.

Women's Collection

A collection to celebrate, support, and empower individuals who identify as women.

Cultivating Black Joy

Honoring Black experiences means not only recognizing our struggles, but celebrating our joy. Practice tapping into Black joy and carrying it with you.

Life Skills: Embracing Emotions at Work

Get in touch with your emotions and bring your best, most confident self to work.

Anger, Sadness, and Growth

Meditation courses and singles for working with challenging emotions.

Feelings on Climate & Nature

Enjoy the meditative practice of connecting with the natural world around you, and manage feelings around our changing planet.

Becoming a Mindful Parent

Bring your attention and curiosity to all interactions with your children.

Mindfulness with Kids

Help your family build healthy habits that foster more compassion, communication, and support.

Mindfulness at Work

From coping with anxious feelings to finding focus, these exercises are designed to help make work happier.

Moving Forward With Confidence

Sessions based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that can go hand-in-hand with your mindfulness practice.

National Park Collection

Explore meditations and sleep content set in iconic national parks — plus, exercises to help you connect with nature wherever you are.

The Shine Collection

A network of mindfulness teachers and guides committed to supporting marginalized communities.

Navigating Injustice

Voices with diverse perspectives to help us recognize our differences, struggles, and unique journeys.

Feel Good Productivity with Ali Abdaal

Crack the code to make work feel energizing and enjoyable, with Ali Abdaal.

Mental Strength Training with Jannell MacAulay

Stay present, focused, and in control in high-pressure situations. Train your mind with this collection by a retired Air Force veteran.

Seeking Discomfort with Yes Theory

Get out of your comfort zone with this collection of meditations, reflections, and eye-opening conversations led by Thomas from Yes Theory and Dora.

Power of Mind with Raheem

England footballer Raheem Sterling teamed up with our meditation teacher Dora to create a seven-session collection designed to cultivate mental resilience.

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