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We’ve all been there: the head hits the pillow, but the mind goes into overdrive. If racing thoughts aren’t keeping us awake, maybe it’s the loud silence of the room or the bothersome snoring of the person beside us — and that’s where sleep music comes in.

Sleep by Headspace offers a variety of meditative sounds to help create the right conditions for healthy, restful sleep. Like the sound of that?

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Designed to soothe

We built Sleep by Headspace around the needs of restless sleepers, even down to the darker palette, which is kinder to tired eyes. It includes everything from meditation, to nature sounds, and even music for sleep. It’s perfect whether you have trouble falling asleep at bedtime, or waking up in the night.

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Put your mind to bed

In addition to sleep music and classic sleep meditations you’ll find a new kind of audio experience called a sleepcast. Each one begins with a short wind-down exercise, before soothing narration transports you to a dreamy environment. Best of all, the experience is reshuffled each night, so you can come back to your favorite over and over. Try a sleepcast tonight.

Try a Headspace wind-down exercise for sleep

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