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Sleep by Headspace offers a variety of meditative sounds to help create the right conditions for healthy, restful sleep.

We’ve all been there: the head hits the pillow, but the mind goes into overdrive. If racing thoughts aren’t keeping us awake, maybe it’s the loud silence of the room or the bothersome snoring of the person beside us — and that’s where sleep music comes in.

What is sleep music?

Sleep music in the Headspace app is designed as a soundtrack for falling asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, our brains are sensitive to noises as we sleep, meaning we can be easily disturbed in the night. Sleep music helps establish a soothing baseline of sound without too much variation, to help you fall asleep — and keep you asleep. It masks other sounds, inside or outside. In effect, the music becomes the pillow we rest our head on. This is what healthy sleep sounds like!

Different notes for different folks

There are a host of tracks to choose from in the Headspace app. Some use repeated harmonies to create a tranquil atmosphere, while others use a combination of live instruments and nature sounds, in unique combinations, designed to produce a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, conducive to falling asleep.

Whether you prefer white noise with violins or the sound of falling rain accompanied by an organ; ocean waves fused with the clarinet and cello or the gentle chirping of crickets, there’s something for everyone to fall asleep to.

sleep music notes

Sleep music samples

* Dream — Light, mellow sounds to send you into the land of dreams

* Sea Shapes — The ebb and flow of the clarinet, cello, and waves

* Cloudy Concerto — Rain sounds mixed with the organ




Listen to Sea Shapes - 45 minutes



Listen to Cloudy Concerto - 45 minutes



The benefit of sleep music

One generalized study that did not use Headspace found that “natural sounds” help promote relaxation by positively affecting the autonomic nervous system. The great news is that recorded sounds and music can have just the same effect.

Of course, the best music to fall asleep to is ultimately whatever sound you personally like best. A sound that jars with one person might well jive with someone else. That’s the beauty of having a choice – your preference will largely determine the effectiveness of a specific sound.

Healthier sleep

Headspace understands that restful sleep hinges on having both a restful mind and a restful body. You can read up on specific sleep meditations — and the supporting science — here.

Meditating before bed increases your chances of drifting off. Adding some Headspace sleep music to the mix can only enhance those chances — so turn on, tune in and drop off.

[Begin setting the right conditions for more restful sleep tonight - get started using Headspace now.]

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