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Performance Mindset

Just like we train our bodies, mental fitness training works our minds. Inspired by NBA and WNBA athletes, this program will help you build the performance mindset you need to reach any kind of goal in life.

Learn from the best

Managing Pressure. Focus. Resilience. Confidence. Together, they make up the four pillars of Performance Mindset. Each one features a personal story from an NBA or WNBA athlete, advice from Headspace co-founder and meditation expert Andy Puddicombe, and courses curated to build a Performance Mindset.

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Managing Pressure

Let go of expectations so you can enjoy every moment.

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Find your flow to keep your head in the game.

NBA athlete Ricky Rubio


Break through challenges to perform at your best.

WNBA athlete Sue Bird


Believe in yourself to reach your full potential.

“The body and mind are not separate. When we have presence of mind we have presence of body, when we possess mental focus we possess physical focus, and when we have an ease of mind we have an ease of body.”

—Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder

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Andy on Focus

The real challenge isn’t finding focus, but maintaining it. We must find a way to cut through the confusion and lack of clarity in our lives to cultivate flow. And from that, something powerful happens.

Listen to Andy's advice on Focus