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Start training with a happier, healthier you. When you find your rhythm, the journey
becomes easy. Run mindfully and feel better.

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Mindful running with Headspace and Nike


Find your rhythm.
Start slow and easy.


Bring consistency to your run
and meditation practice.


Focus on your breathing
and run mindfully.

Train with a happier, healthier you

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Your breathing is not only important for our running technique, it’s also the building block to your meditation practice. You can find your rhythm anytime, anywhere. Why don’t you try a deep breath right now?


“Mindfulness is the ultimate tool for any athlete at any level. Easy to learn and simple to apply, it can help strengthen motivation, increase focus, improve resilience, enhance form, optimize recovery and, perhaps most important of all, get us out of our head and into the body for an enjoyable and fulfilling training session.”

– Andy Puddicombe, Headspace Founder


Body and mind are not separate from each other. Even with a lot of experience and training, we can perform better, when body and mind are in balance. Create this connection for yourself with meditation and mindfulness.

A better run begins with Headspace

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