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Whether you’re feeling stressed, tense, or in need of more restful sleep, this new interactive experience will help you Unwind Your Mind.

Headspace Unwind Your Mind lets you choose your own mindfulness adventure based on your mood — from stress-relieving meditations to relaxing wind-downs and bedtime stories, it’s customizable to you.

Check it out on Netflix now, then unwind with a free 14-day trial of the Headspace app.

Premiering on Netflix June 15th

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Streaming now: The Headspace Guide to Sleep

Put your mind to bed with our dreamy Netflix series.

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Streaming now: Headspace Guide to Meditation

Be sure to check out our other Netflix series, Headspace Guide to Meditation.

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Learn a mindful approach

Learn a mindful approach

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Headspace loves science

Headspace loves science

Just 10 days of Headspace can increase happiness by 16%.

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