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Open your Headspace mobile app and send an exercise by tapping the share icon, or find your shareable Guest Pass link in your profile.


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Share the exercise — or your referral link — with friends and family, and treat them to 30 days of free Headspace, if they aren’t already a member.


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Show them how Headspace has helped you, connect over favorite exercises, and start a mindfulness journey together.

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  • The referral challenge lasts from 2/13/23 at 12am PT– 2/27/23 12am PT.

  • Any Headspace member with an existing subscription is eligible to participate in the challenge. This includes annual, monthly, student, lifetime, family, free for teens, free for educators, and Headspace for Work subscribers. Members that do not have an active subscription are not eligible.

  • You will receive two sessions, one for you and one you may gift to a friend or family member. Each of your two sessions will be 30 minutes long and will include personalized guidance for your mindfulness and meditation practice. You and your loved one may choose to meet with Eve, Kessonga, Sam, or Dora. We will do our best to match you with your meditation teacher of choice, but we cannot promise your top choice because of timing and scheduling restrictions.

  • We will do our best to schedule time for you to connect with a teacher soon after the challenge ends, but this session may take place as long as 60 days after the Challenge ends.

  • In order for a referral to count towards the referral challenge, the people you refer must sign up and start their 30-day free trial.

  • The top 10 members with the most referrals within the challenge time period will be the winners. In the case of a tie for 10th place, we will choose the member(s) who reached the top number of successful referrals first chronologically.

  • We will notify you if you have won the sessions for you and a friend within the week after the challenge ends, using the email you have registered with Headspace. The session will take place over Zoom and will be scheduled within 60 days of the end of the challenge, to account for coordination and scheduling with the teacher.

  • Any Headspace member with an existing subscription can use the sharing feature.

  • You can share most types of Headspace exercises from the today tab, by clicking the [...] next to the exercise and selecting the ‘share’ option. You can also share by clicking on the share icon from the screen when you are listening to a Headspace exercise, or after you’ve completed one.

  • You can share single meditations, nighttime SOS exercises, wind down exercises, soundscapes, sleep radio and sounds, sleep music, single podcast episodes, The Wake Up, movement and workout exercises, expert guidance and advice, mindful activities, and Everyday Headspace.

  • As of right now, the following Headspace exercises cannot be shared: sleep casts, single courses & meditations within a course series, a complete podcast, collections, the Guided Stress Program, or live meditations.

  • Anyone can use your Guest Pass, as long as they aren’t an existing Headspace subscriber.

  • You can share your Guest Pass as many times as you’d like.

  • You can find your Guest Pass link at the bottom of your profile tab, or from Settings under the ‘Invite friends’ option. Already have Headspace? Access your Guest Pass link on mobile here. For more details, please visit our Guest Pass Help page.

  • You can share your Guest Pass with anyone you’d like. However, please don't share your Guest Pass with your colleagues because they already have access to Headspace for Work through your organization, just like you!

  • If your friend or family member wasn’t able to activate the Guest Pass you shared with them, they likely already have an active Headspace membership. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to our Support team.

  • After activating your Guest Pass, your friend or family member will create a Headspace account and enter their payment details. After 30 days, they will be billed for their Headspace Annual subscription.

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Get your shareable link (mobile only)

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