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How to Deal with Technology Addiction

How to deal with technology addiction

Mindfulness - Self-care ideas that stick, even when you’re busy
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Mindfulness - How getting outside can help you (and your mind) get fit
Mindfulness - Realizing and improving self-worth
Mindfulness - Category - Burnout Wilting Flowers

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Learn to manage feelings and thoughts with the lifelong skill of everyday mindfulness, any time of the day.

Basics: Session 1 - 5 min


Create the conditions for a more restful night’s sleep with sleepcasts, music, and other unique audio experiences.

Slow Train (sleepcast)


Train your body and mind at the same time with exercises to strengthen your mental and physical well-being.


Meet Move Mode, work out anywhere

Get a clearer picture of what matters most with music and meditations designed to help boost your ability to focus.

Lo-Fi Times


Inspiring stories and mini-meditations delivered daily to help you start your morning right.

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How Do We Cope with Fear?

How do we cope with fear?

Mindful ways to use personal pronouns and inclusive language - Headspace
Mindful ways to use personal pronouns and inclusive language

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