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Headspace for Teens

Headspace is now free for all teens in the US. If you’re between the ages of 13–18 years old in the US, click below to learn more and how to sign up for Headspace for free through our partners:

Sign yourself up through Peer Health Exchange

Sign up your school through Bring Change 2 Mind

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What is Headspace?

Stressed out? Tired? Unfocused? All of the above? We’ve all been there. But what can you do about it? That’s where Headspace comes in. Headspace has hundreds of meditations and mindfulness exercises to help you learn the skills you need to be healthier and happier — and it was created by a former monk who knows quite a bit about all that stuff. Try it out and take some time to be kind to your mind today.


Stress less, feel happy

Headspace can help reduce stress and increase happiness in just 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

Sleep (2)

Put your mind to bed

Put your mind to bed, wake up refreshed, and make feeling well rested your new normal.

Meditation (1)

Find your focus

Boost your focus with music and meditations, designed to help you get dialed into the moment.

Try a short meditation

Andy on Confidence (1)

Join our mission

Our goal at Headspace is to improve the health and happiness of the world. A big part of that is helping the next generation be kind to their minds with free access to a Headspace membership.

We're excited to collaborate with more leaders and organizations who share the same passion to support the mental health of teens in underserved communities by expanding our mission globally.

If you’re a youth-focused nonprofit interested in joining us, please fill out our partnerships form: