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Headspace and Star Wars™

We’re joining forces to help you find your everyday Jedi™ mind.

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Find your force

Explore fun mindfulness exercises for every Wookiee™ in the family.
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The best sleep 
in the galaxy

Create conditions for restful sleep, and be kind to your mind like a Jedi™.
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Focus like a Jedi™

Mind: Focused. Force: Strong.

Find your light side with Star Wars™

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Find your Force

Join Chewbacca™ and BB-8™ for a mindful adventure across the Star Wars™ galaxy.

2 - X-wing @2x

Star Wars™ X-wing Voyage

Settle in for a bedtime trip across the galaxy.

3 - R2-D2 @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with R2-D2™

Relax your galaxy in a few breaths.

4 - Ahch-To @2x

Star Wars™ Islands of Ahch-To™

A gentle storm passes over the first sacred Jedi™ Temple.

5 - Yoda @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with Yoda™

Dark side. Deep breath. Light side.

6 - Tatooine @2x

Star Wars™ Tatooine™ Sunset

Find ease amidst the desolate desert landscape.

7 - BB-8 @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with BB-8™

Recharge and reset with a few deep breaths.

Find your Force

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