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Lead the way to a happier workplace

This Mental Health Awareness month, we’re encouraging you to model the change you want to see in the workplace. Build stronger, happier, more resilient teams by strengthening your own mental health habits and supporting your team in doing the same.

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When your employees see you set an example through your actions, you become a mental health role model, and they feel your workplace’s commitment to a positive culture.


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Take the pledge to model what matters, and we’ll send you a free leadership toolkit.

Model what matters: Your guide to starting the mental health conversation at work is designed to help leaders care for their mental health and inspire teams to do the same.

In the toolkit:

  • The four keys to workplace well-being
  • A quiz to learn your own mindful leadership language
  • Tools to help you model mental health for your teams
  • A 5-week challenge to put modeling what matters into practice
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You can make work a happier place Headspace Health is here to help.

Fill in the form to take the pledge, and receive your toolkit today.

Source: 1. 2022 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health Report. (2022). Headspace Health

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