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When your employees see you set an example through your actions, you become a mental health role model, and they feel your workplace’s commitment to a positive culture.


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Take the pledge to model what matters, and we’ll send you a free leadership toolkit.

Model what matters: Your guide to starting the mental health conversation at work is designed to help leaders care for their mental health and inspire teams to do the same.

In the toolkit:

  • The four keys to workplace well-being
  • A quiz to learn your own mindful leadership language
  • Tools to help you model mental health for your teams
  • A 5-week challenge to put modeling what matters into practice
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You can make work a happier place Headspace Health is here to help.

Fill in the form to take the pledge, and receive your toolkit today.

Source: 1. 2022 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health Report. (2022). Headspace Health

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