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Is stress hurting engagement and turnover at your company? Here’s what you can do.

by Kelton Wright

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[Editor’s Note: This article is based on Headspaces white paper on stress. Read the full report: Stress in the Workplace — How Mindfulness Can Help.]

Do you know how much of your workforce is stressed? In 2011, the American Psychological Association conducted an online survey of 1,546 working adults. More than one third of those adults said they typically feel tense or stressed out during their workday and twenty percent reported that their average daily level of stress from work is an 8, 9, or 10 on a 10-point scale. And this was before the omnipresence of email on phones, Slack, and more.

While stress may seem like a given in a workday, research has shown that stressed workers are less engaged, have reduced productivity, and have higher levels of absenteeism and turnover. They also have higher healthcare costs than their less-stressed peers, costing businesses billions of dollars.

These statistics aren’t surprising. Some level of stress has always been synonymous with work, but in our always-on, always-connected world, it’s important to take steps to counterbalance it. More and more companies are investing in employee wellness solutions, including science-backed mindfulness training.

Research shows that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and can have a significant impact in the workplace. How? Meditation works by helping people regulate emotions, changing the brain to be more resilient to stress, and improving stress biomarkers. Plus, mindfulness training can be done online or through a mobile app, making it accessible to almost everyone.

Want to learn how mindfulness training can help turn stress around at your company? Read the full report: Stress in the Workplace — How Mindfulness Can Help.

Kelton Wright

Kelton Wright is the Editorial Director of Movement and Sport at Headspace. She is a published author, an avid cyclist, and a slow but enthusiastic trail runner. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @keltonwrites.

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