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Headspace Meditation Pods: making the invisible visible

by Headspace

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“We’re always striving to create the most compelling invitation for people to practice meditation,” says Rich Pierson, co-founder of Headspace, “Part of the challenge is how do you make meditation, which is an intangible exercise, tangible?”

To answer this question, we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Los Angeles-based architectural practice, Oyler Wu Collaborative, on our latest product: Headspace Meditation Pods.

Inspired by natural geological formations, the Headspace Meditation Pod juxtaposes a modern minimalist exterior with an organic interior, made from multiple layers of machine-cut wood. These are laid on top of a steel structure to create an environmentally-friendly product. Inside users will enjoy a calming private space, but one that doesn’t exclude the external environment, since sound and atmosphere are such an important tool in meditation.

A screen will show the entire Headspace library of meditations as well as specially-created material specific to the pod’s location. Imagine a pod in a park, that draws your attention to the sounds around you, or one near the ocean that would encourage you to listen to the waves.

Inside users will enjoy a calming private space, but one that doesn’t exclude the external environment

“We hope Headspacers will use them like Superman used phonebooths,” says Pierson, “only instead of emerging in tights intent on fighting crime, they’ll come out with a clearer, calmer outlook.”

We’d love to see these pods in offices, airports, schools, parks and stations. Where would you put a Headspace Pod?


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