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Welcome to the Pregnancy pack

by Headspace

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Congratulations! If you’ve picked the Pregnancy pack, the chances are you’re expecting. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to share this journey with Headspace.

During pregnancy the mind may naturally race forward in anticipation of your new arrival, or fear of birth, the health of your baby, or a thousand other things. And yet this is the best possible time to practice being in the here and now. Not only will this help you to achieve a clearer, calmer mind, you’ll also be creating the best possible conditions for your little one.

This 30 day pack uses a visualization that will help you to achieve a strong connection with your baby, but also help you prepare your mind for all the unexpected moments in new parenthood. We’re looking to remind ourselves of how good it feels to be in a state of happy relaxation. Not to create it, but just to remember it, is hugely beneficial.


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