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The mindful mom

by Headspace

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Today we’re considering the notion of mindful mothering. We asked our loyal Headspacers and the Headspace team to share what the term #mindfulmom meant to them. Are they mindful moms, themselves? Do they know and love a mindful mom? Below, our favorite feedback:

@ToastMeetsJam: My mom says hello to everyone she meets, never missing a chance to make someone feel special & meet a new friend #mindfulmom

There’s no better tool than Headspace to help me stay (relatively) calm and good-humored in the mornings when my new work outfit is suddenly decorated with a variety of bodily fluids, I’m speed-constructing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I’ve been up all night reassuring little ones that Godzilla isn’t about to attack, and the kids are laughing at my inept parallel parking in front of the school. Mindfulness helps me embrace the craziness and genuinely feel the overwhelming love and gratitude I have for my offspring, and being present with your kids is the best thing you can ever do for them. #mindfulmom – Frances Page, Managing Director – Get Some, Give Some, Headspace

@zsharman: My mum always made time for everyone #mindfulmom

Mrs P took the idea of being a mindful mum to a whole new level during pregnancy. I remember coming home from a work trip and finding her with earphones on her belly. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was doing Take10 with the baby. She really believed that what she was doing to her own body and mind, she was also doing to the baby’s body and mind. I loved this approach. Of course, once the little one came along, life became a little more messy; it was much harder to schedule time to meditate, and with 101 things to remember to do, it has not always been easy to stay focused and be present with just one thing at a time. But she says that when she does remember, she always feels better, without fail. All I know is what I see…a devoted mum, full of kindness and a beautiful heart. It’s an honour to bring up our little monkey man alongside her. – Andy Puddicombe, Co-Founder, Headspace

@jockojohnson: There are 3 #mindfulmoms in my life! My Mother, My daughters Mother & my Girls Mother! I’m so lucky to be surrounded by #mindfulmom

My Mum has been using Headspace for over two years now and it has changed her beyond words. In a few though, she has grown from an anxious and self-doubting figure to someone who is life-embracing, adventurous and genuinely happy. She was always a great mother but there was a cloud of something surrounding her which has now lifted, leaving the way clear for the woman I know and love to come to the surface, the woman who is such a pleasure to be around, so inspiring, vibrant, full of life, and I have no doubt this is due to discovering mindfulness through Headspace. #mindfulmom – Ned Jones, Customer Experience, Headspace


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