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Headspacer of the Month: Craig Moss

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We believe meditation is for everyone, in fact the range of people united by the practice is one of the things that makes the Headspace community so unique. We wanted to take the chance to introduce you to just a few of those who are taking time out to get some Headspace each day. Today we meet Craig from Westport, Connecticut.

What’s your name?

Craig Moss

What do you do for a living?

I work with companies around the world to help them improve how they protect intellectual property, prevent corruption and treat workers and the environment.

What do you wish you did for a living?

I love what I do. People benefit. Companies benefit. Plus, I’m constantly trying to solve complex problems by figuring out how to break them into parts and making them as simple as possible.

Why did you start using Headspace?

My daughter told me about it. I had tried meditating before – starting in college – but I didn’t have the discipline to stick with it. Headspace gives me structure, yet it’s really flexible and engaging. Headspace is really beneficial to my work. I really liked the Focus series. The mindfulness training has improved my decision-making. I have more clarity in understanding other peoples’ perspectives and motives because I’m a better listener and have more empathy. Also, I travel a lot and mindfulness training is really useful for not letting the hassles get to me. It seems to help with adjusting to new time zones too. To me, life is about always growing and improving and learning – professionally and personally. Headspace is a great resource for that.

What was the best moment of your life?

I’m lucky to have been married to an amazing woman for 30+ years and I’m the father of three great kids (now grown). So, I’m not picking one moment. If I get four – my wedding day and the birth of each child.

And the worst?

The day my Dad died. Searing pain for me, my family and many others.

What do you most regret?

Following the previous question – I regret that my Dad didn’t live longer. I wish he was able to share more of my life and that he had seen my kids evolve from being children to young adults.

What do you wish for most?

On a selfish level, I wish that the people I love lead healthy, productive and fulfilling lives – that they make a contribution to the world. On a broader level, in my work I’ve been to a lot of places where I wish people had basic food, shelter and some hope of seeing their children lead a better life than they did.

What habit do you wish you didn’t have?

I wish I was more consistent with exercising. Also, with meditation, I’ve gotten up to 15 days straight several times, but then something comes up. So to answer the question – I guess I wish I didn’t have the habit of breaking a positive routine of exercise and meditation. I keep trying to get better. I usually get back to it within a few days now.

Who do you dedicate your practice to?

To everyone I come in contact with – and to myself.

Image credit: Shannon Moss

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