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Together, Headspace and Barbie are partnering to bring mindfulness exercises to parents and kids alike. Your Barbie purchase comes with a free, 30-day Headspace membership.

That means you’ll have access to hundreds of meditations for kids, Sleepcasts, and more to help you and your family be healthier and happier, together. Click “Redeem” below to get one month free.

First 30 days free. Automatically renews to yearly payment of $69.99 USD. Cancel anytime. You must be 18+ years older to redeem.

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Headspace x Barbie

My Meditation Routine with Headspace! | Barbie Vlogs

Mindfulness sessions for kids curated by Barbie


Good morning

Rise and shine with the sun in the morning.


Stay Positive

An exercise to help little ones bounce back from worrisome thoughts.



A simple, fun breathing exercise for kids.



An exercise to help kids appreciate the world around them.


Settling Down

When playtime is over, use this exercise to help settle things down.

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