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In an increasingly busy, over-connected world, it is more important than ever to take time for yourself - this rings true for adults and kids alike! Headspace has partnered with Barbie to raise awareness around nurturing overall emotional well-being through mindfulness exercises.

Meditation is a wonderful way to help us all understand why we think and feel the way we do. Watch the below video where Barbie joins Eve, female voice of Headspace, to experience a custom meditation for kids, centered around kindness.

Mindfulness tips for kids and parents

Don't know where to begin? Below are a few simple tips on how to encourage your children to start meditating and living mindfully whether they are moving, eating or trying to wind down.
  1. Explain what mindfulness and meditation are. It’s really just about bringing our attention to the breath on purpose, so we can learn to be calmer, kinder, and less distracted at home, at school, and with friends.

  2. Lead by example. Kids are prone to mirror the actions of their parents, so lead by example and make it a fun activity that can be done together.

  3. Start off short and simple. This is especially true for kids under 5, where we would recommend a 1-2 minute meditation (the Kids section in Headspace is listed by age and length of meditation).

  4. Choose a safe space. Find a place in the house that feels calming and safe to your child. This could be their bedroom or a family room where they spend lots of time and is familiar to them.

  5. Pick the right time. Bedtime is a great time to start, it helps set up a routine that helps kids unwind for a restful sleep.

  6. Practice gratitude. A gratitude exercise can be a nice way to start or end the day. You can introduce children to the concept of gratitude or “thankfulness” by asking them their thoughts on what it means. It could be as simple as feeling happy that something or someone is in your life. Highlight that we can be grateful for the big things and the small things.

    • Exercise to do with your child: Ask them to close their eyes and get them to think of the first three things that come to mind when they think about what they are grateful for. Now ask them to think about the smaller things they are grateful for — you could write these things down together.
  7. Encourage feeling emotions. It’s okay to feel sad or angry sometimes. If kids are in touch with their emotions and are open to sharing their feelings, they will be able to cope with them and handle them in a positive way.

Recommended mindfulness sessions for kids curated by Barbie

Looking for more mindfulness content? Check out the list below of mindfulness sessions on Headspace, specifically curated by Barbie. With themes ranging from “Good Morning” to “Settling Down”, there’s a mindfulness session for everyone. Ideal for ages 6-8.

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Good Morning

Rise and shine with the sun in the morning.

Barbie x Headspace: Good Morning



barbie 5

Stay Positive

An exercise to help little ones bounce back from worrisome thoughts.

Barbie x Headspace: Stay Positive



Barbie WebsiteImages 04


A simple, fun breathing exercise for kids.

Barbie x Headspace: Kindness





An exercise to help kids appreciate the world around them.

Barbie x Headspace: Appreciation



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Settling Down

When playtime is over, use this exercise to help settle things down. 

Barbie x Headspace: Settling Down