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Practicing mindfulness in the classroom

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I'm an elementary school teacher in Toronto. Before that I played pro hockey, and having taught and coached for 10 years I've seen first hand just how difficult it is to be a kid. I've had children in my classroom as well as the dressing room just fall apart. They are bombarded with obstacles each and every day and unfortunately, they aren't equipped with the strategies to overcome their adversity.

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I came across Headspace online when I began searching for a resource to help these kids. I was immediately captured by what Andy was discussing, and I knew at that moment that both my students and my athletes would benefit.

To cut a long story short, I do a "Minds On" activity with my students every day, and the results have been wonderful. They take five minutes (they're young - lol) to close their eyes as I walk them through a visualization exercise. I've also showed them Andy's TED Talk as well as other online videos from Headspace and they just love it. As a result, I've found my kids to be more focused, positive and calm.Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

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