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Finding peace with OCD

I don't pretend to be able to make a long story short but I'll do my best. I have OCD and have had it now for 20+ years. I don't check the stove or the door lock over and over, rather I deal with intrusive thoughts; the kind that make you wish you didn't exist at times.

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I've battled these types of intrusive thoughts for years. A change began to take place when I started practicing mindfulness three years ago after stumbling across the Take10 series. Before mindfulness I'd approach my thoughts as something to battle and control. I would repeatedly try to knock down the thoughts and emotions that I experienced. I spent a great amount of time reasoning with them. Mindfulness changed my approach and, ultimately, my life.

Headspace is my go-to choice to learn about, practice and integrate mindfulness into my life. My quality of life has changed in ways that I never imagined that it could. Life isn't perfect but it's was never intended to be so. I am deeply saddened by the tremendous suffering that millions of people endure on a daily basis because they have OCD. I want people to know that there is hope and that mindfulness is the key to finding peace with their OCD. I sometimes get frustrated because I don't know who will listen or wants to listen to my story so that we can help more people. I appreciate all that Headspace has done for me and the new life that's possible because of it. Thank you kindly.

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I want people to know that there is hope and that mindfulness is the key to finding peace with their OCD.

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