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Engaging with life: mindfulness in May

How easily distracted are you? To what extent does your mind wander while working, cooking, watching a film, driving, or even when in conversation with others?

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The bad news is that, for most of us, the mind wanders like this a good bit of the time. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way. By training in mindfulness, we can learn to be less distracted, more present, and more connected with the people and the world around us. So instead of thinking about life, we are actually living and experiencing life to the fullest.   There are many ways to learn to be more mindful, and every single moment of the day is another opportunity to remember that quality of mind and be present. Until we are really familiar with that quality of mind, that’s not always so easy. That’s where meditation comes in. Meditation helps us become more familiar with what it means to be present, so we can carry that back into our everyday life and experience it whenever, and wherever we are. To be clear, meditation and mindfulness cannot necessarily change external circumstances, or remove us from difficulties, but they can help us to experience those challenges in a different way, where we have more space, a greater sense of calm, and are therefore able to respond to things without feeling so overwhelmed or getting swept away by our thoughts.

Before we get into the featured content for the month of May, you might notice a new video or two in the app, featuring Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe. We finally let him out of the studio to venture far and wide, exploring what it means to live more mindfully. “Everything In Between” is a journey of the human condition, from birth to death and, well, everything in between. Check out this video about mindful tech if you’d like to discover how to apply mindfulness to technology, and how to discover a little more sanity amongst the ever-increasing digital chatter. [embed][/embed]

May’s Featured Collection: Living Mindfully

The more we meditate, the more we look after the health of our minds. May is both National Meditation Month and National Mental Health Month, so use this collection of exercises to infuse a little more mindfulness into your days. Find these meditations in the “Featured” topic in the Headspace app, or by clicking the links below.

That’s Life It’s all too easy to rush through our days, going from one thing to the next, without looking up. But life is not something that should pass us by without us paying attention. These exercises are designed to help us better connect with ourselves, and the people and environment around us.

  • Mindful Tech (single) – our phones and devices don’t have to steal our attention or compete with the attention of loved ones. In this exercise, we learn how to be less reactive to every ping and notification, so we can better connect with people, not technology.
  • Connect With the World (walk) – found under Movement & Sport, this exercise takes you out of your head and into the surrounding environment for a walk, to reflect on the sights and sounds around you, and the sensations you feel within.
  • Eating With Appreciation (single) – instead of scarfing down your next meal the moment it’s in front of you, take a moment before you eat to appreciate the food, the flavors, and your senses.
  • Commuting (single) – don’t turn up at the office or home feeling stressed. Use this exercise to prepare for the day ahead, or to unwind on the way home.

  On the Job Work life can be challenging enough without adding other anxious elements to the mix, such as delivering a presentation or speech or having a tense conversation with a boss or colleague.  But there’s no need to sweat — we’ve got you covered.

  • Presentations (single) just the thought of giving a presentation can be nerve-racking for some people, so, discover a place of quiet confidence to help you get out of your own way, feel bold, and smash it!
  • Difficult Conversations (single) the prospect of a difficult conversation, especially if it involves a conflict of some kind, can drive feelings of anxiety. So use this exercise to help develop a calmer, less reactive mindset before you express yourself.

Finding Balance Taking time out for ourselves, to breathe, reset, and renew, is an essential part of maintaining our equilibrium and unwinding. Treat these exercises and advanced meditations as your release-valve.

  • End of Day (single) – whatever your day has been like, at work or at home, don’t take it to bed with you; instead, unwind with this exercise to calm the inner-chatter and find a place of rest.
  • Burned Out (single) – when you feel at the end of your rope — overwhelmed, overstressed, and overworked — this is the exercise for you, to give your mind some room to breathe and be present.
  • Semi-Guided (timer) — if you’re one of those people who prefers a little guidance balanced with a little quiet, this semi-guided meditation is the perfect halfway to encourage you to sit that little bit longer in periods of silence.
  • Pro Level 1 — this unguided meditation covers 10 sessions, at the end of which your mind will likely behave more independently and be okay with prolonged silence, helping to cultivate more calm and clarity.
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