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Find your perfect bedtime routine with hours of sleep music, soundscapes, sleepcasts, and curated sleep health courses.

The science of Zzz

Get more restful sleep with our Sleep Health course: meditations and exercises developed with help from leading sleep scientists.

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Feel your best from morning to bedtime with access to hundreds of stress-reducing meditations, Focus music, mindful workouts, and more.

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Take your mind from racing to resting with wind-down meditations and calming breathing exercises.

“Goodnight” Wind Down



Drift off to dreamy sounds, music, and original sleepcasts — soothing stories that transport your mind to tranquil environments.

“Rainday Antiques” Sleepcast



Get back to bed fast with guided SOS exercises for waking up in the middle of the night.

“Racing mind” SOS meditation



Support more restful nights with the Sleep Health course, developed in partnership with leading sleep experts.

“First session” “Sleep Health” course



These members said it best

Heart racing. Mind thinking about a million things that could go wrong with work, family issues, and finances. I needed to try a different approach, and Headspace gave me the tools to help.

Isaac. New York, USA.

Working 80 hour weeks, I forgot how to sleep. I had no headspace or downtime, and my mind wouldn’t shut off. Headspace changed all that.

Louie. Sydney, Australia.

I had racing, mostly negative thoughts almost every night. I downloaded Headspace, tried the meditations, and was hooked.

Sarah. Kuwait.

There were nights where sleeping was a challenge — too wound up in my thoughts — but this app has changed that forever. Just listening to sounds helps thoughts go away and makes the nights easier.

Emily. Boston, Massachusetts.

I needed/wanted sleep but every time I laid down, my mind filled with negative thoughts. My daughter then came across Headspace, and I’ve never looked back. My sleep is peaceful at last.

Tracey. West Sussex, UK.

Listening to Rainday Antiques sleepcast has been a refreshing change from other sleep guides out there. This truly allows me to let go of the day and relax into my space to fall asleep.

Kim. Coral Springs, Florida.

The more I tried to sleep, the harder it became. Come morning, I could barely stay awake. My dad introduced me to Headspace ... I tried the sleepcasts, and they make sleeping much easier.

Estrella. Kensington, California.

I knew I needed to do something. Like a miracle, an ad for Headspace popped up. I downloaded the app … and it has changed me forever because it helps me fall asleep.

Sabrina. New York.

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