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Headspace Q&A: Matt Cook

by Headspace

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You woke up this morning and the first thing you thought was…

The first thought I had this morning was how grateful I am for the week I just had on tour and the friends and family I got to reconnect with.

What is your typical morning ritual?

5:15 a.m.: Wake up

5:25 a.m.: Espresso

5:35 a.m.: Headspace 15 minutes (preferably outside)

5:50 a.m.: Journal/write goals

6:10 a.m.: Shower/get ready for day

6:25 a.m.: Start my day

What keeps you up at night?

Emotionally, not much keeps me up at night these days, but physically if I don’t do stretches before bed and take time to unwind, my sleep is restless.

What advice would you give someone sitting down to meditate for the first time?

For someone first sitting down to meditate, I would share my feeling that it’s more about the discovery process and learning to stay in the current moment than it is on a specific result.

When and where do you like to meditate?

I like to meditate first thing in the morning in my living room or outside on a bench. Also, I do this before going into a new environment which will require my focus e.g., rehearsal, recording, performance, teaching, meeting, etc.

How does your mind feel before you meditate?

Typically before I meditate in the afternoon, my mind is having cycles of thoughts repeating without real focus. In the morning, my mind is already pretty calm and clear.

How does it feel after?

After I meditate, my mind and body feel empty and focused; ready to engage with the world and enjoy the moment.

What’s your favorite Headspace pack?

My favorite Headspace pack right now is either Focus or Happiness.

What has meditation helped you with the most?

Meditation has helped me connect more deeply to my environment, my relationships with others, my deepened focus to my music, and my increased desire to listen to others.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was casual banter with my bandmates who seem to have a great ability to not take themselves too seriously.

What’s the kindest thing someone did for you this week?

The kindest thing someone did for me this week was when my friend Ellen hosted me at her house for a few days and did several little kind things to make sure that I was comfortable and happy.

Who or what is the current love of your life?

My wife Laura is the love of my life.

Have you ever experienced a life changing moment?

I’ve experienced many life changing moments. A memorable moment is some much-needed encouragement from an old mentor, Jamey. He encouraged me to explore a path of art making that not only lead to my career today but helped shape my outlook on life to experience the world in an open and generous way.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

The most important lesson that life has taught me is that good things come with patience and passion.


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