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Headspace Q&A: Karan Talati

by Headspace

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1. On the mind:

I think the mind is a lot like a rocket. Things have to work in harmony. If they’re off timing, they’re going to explode. You explode on somebody or you explode on yourself because things don’t make sense to you at that time or things don’t line up.

2. On being reactive:

I used to think being reactive gave you an edge or an advantage over everyone else because your mind is working faster, but it doesn’t really make sense to react to something unless you are fully aware of what’s going on.

3. On Headspace:

I came across Headspace by accident, it’s very approachable. It’s a new element I have introduced to my very busy, very noisy life.

4. On rocket science:

Headspace is not rocket science but it definitely enables me to do, you know, rocket science.

5. On meditation:

Since I started meditating I have been more aware. When you are able to analyze yourself in real time—that’s something I didn’t have before.

6. On his journey:

Meditation is a learning journey that I have barely skimmed the surface of. It’s a skill that is developed solely through practice. Nobody is telling you what to feel and because you don’t have those preconceptions, the discovery is an adventure in itself.


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