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Falling in love with music all over again

by User Stories

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I’m up against tough deadlines, required to remain “creative” whilst trying to run a business composing music for the media. Along with my writing partner Will, we struggle to separate composing with the business grind. And when you’re under pressure you rarely feel satisfied with your output.

Now, being busy in my line of work means more income so I can’t complain, but what am I missing out on? Do I miss my kids, yes. Do I have to cancel a holiday, yes. Am I enjoying writing music, no. So what’s the point?

I was talking this situation through with my wife, and in working through these issues I told her “if I just had the headspace”. Something clicked with her, she’d read something about Headspace in a colour supplement and went to dig it out of the recycling bin. She handed the article to me and Andy Puddicombe walked into my life.

Hold on a minute, this all sounds brilliant Andy, but can I actually afford to spend 20 minutes of my day trying to feel calm? I’ll give it go, but I’m not convinced.

Having completed the free Take10 sessions I started getting a glimpse of calmness, of Headspace. Moving deeper into the guided meditation sessions it didn’t take long for Andy’s message of “stepping back” to sink in. Not only was I feeling a little calmer in my day-to-day life, but I was able to use some of the techniques Andy presented to overcome creative hurdles by merely acknowledging them.

I won’t lie, it took some time to figure out how to acknowledge discomfort, pain and anxiety but I was also able to focus on very positive mental states. Sometimes you see fantastically creative people just oozing their art, all coming naturally. For me though, it’s more of challenge and I have to work harder to get the results I want.

In time, Headspace has allowed me to step back from the composing process and actually become more creative because what I used to see as a limitation in my writing ability, I’m now able to take it on without trepidation. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with music again…. now I have the headspace.

Getting some headspace has had a far-reaching effect on my life. I’m happier, I’m more balanced and all of a sudden, I seem to have time. No, headspace hasn’t made time for me, it’s allowed me to cope with time. It’s no longer a chore. Am I convinced in Headspace? Totally, it’s become a way of life. Get some.

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