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10,000 employees
Traditional System

Increased Utilization

1.5K more employees utilize care1



Lower Mental Health Spend

1.3M saved with Headspace1



Better Outcomes

85% see depression symptom improvement4


Not measured by traditional systems

  • 1 Source: Accorded Cost Impact Model and Headspace Care member data
  • 2 Headspace Care (self-care content, coaching, clinical services) program cost plus an employer’s mental health claims spend
  • 3 Estimated spend in USD if comparable utilization to Headspace Care was achieved in the traditional system (2.5x increased utilization)
  • 4 Source: Headspace Care book of business member data on symptom improvement as measured by the 9-question Patient Health Questionnaire. Time period: 9/2020-Present.

We are providing the tool above to interested employer groups to show potential savings when Headspace Care is offered to their employees. This tool and any information on this page are shared for illustrative purposes only. Actual health care spend savings is not guaranteed. No clinical outcomes are guaranteed for employees utilizing Headspace services. Accordingly, actual results may significantly vary from the results shown using the tool.

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