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Student Discount Offer Terms & Conditions

(1) Our Student Discount Offer is made available by Headspace (as defined in the Headspace Terms and Conditions) to students at an accredited higher education institute who meet the verification qualifications (each a “Qualifying Student”). The Student Discount Offer is currently only applicable to students of US Title IV degree granting colleges and universities. In order to verify that you are a Qualifying Student, your first name, last name, college/university name, and date of birth will be shared with SheerID, Inc. (“SheerID”) Headspace’s third-party verification system, and upon successful verification, Headspace will receive confirmation of your student status from SheerID. Headspace will only retain the verification of your student status to activate and maintain your account. Headspace reserves the right to determine if you are a Qualifying Student in its sole discretion.

(2) Qualifying Students are entitled to receive a discount on the annual price of the Headspace Paid Subscription (as defined in the Headspace Terms and Conditions) for as long as they maintain the requisite verification status. The Student Discount Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion code or offer, past or present. Headspace shall automatically request re-verification of your student status from SheerID for any renewal term (each, upon receipt of student status from SheerID, a “Discount Period”). In addition to submitting the information necessary to perform the verification, you will also need to submit your payment details. By submitting the foregoing information, you (i) accept these Student Discount Offer Terms and Conditions; (ii) consent to our use of your provided information in accordance with our Privacy Policy; (iii) acknowledge and agree to the Headspace Terms and Conditions; and (iv) agree that at the expiration of your status as a Qualifying Student, you will automatically continue to subscribe to the Paid Subscription on an annual recurring basis, at the non-discounted price in effect at the time of any such renewal. If you do not want to continue to subscribe to the Headspace Paid Subscription at the end of the Discount Period, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellation will take effect at the expiration of the then-current Discount Period.

(3) Headspace reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time for any reason.