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How a mindful brand can attract happier, healthier talent

Over the past few years, mental health and well-being have become a top concern in the workplace, with workers reporting high levels of stress and anxiety. In our 2022 Work Trends Report, workers around the world indicated that “burnout due to increased workload or lack of staff” and “poor work/life balance” were the second and third greatest sources of stress in their lives, respectively.

As a result, job seekers are looking for employers that can help them manage that stress and anxiety. Mindfulness — often defined as paying attention to the present moment without judgment — is one approach that has made a big impact. Aside from reducing stress, research shows that mindfulness supports greater engagement at work. In fact, businesses with engaged employees can outperform those without by more than 200%. Today, major companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo have integrated mindfulness programs.

In addition to reducing stress and helping employees feel more calm, mindfulness can help nurture the abstract thinking, creativity, and resiliency that is increasingly essential in today’s fast-evolving business landscape. The practice can give employees the space to be more curious and innovative, potentially resulting in improved processes, products, and other solutions.

High-performing candidates seek employers that value their well-being, which can also help them feel empowered to reach their full potential. Mindfulness is not just about how they feel at work, but also about how they work.

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How to communicate a mindful brand to job candidates

It’s no longer sufficient to simply have a mindful internal culture. With an ongoing labor shortage, competition for the best candidates is fierce, making it essential that organizations highlight their mindful employer brand to recruit and retain top talent.

A few ways organizations can emphasize their mindful culture to job seekers include:

  • Employee stories and testimonials. The voice of the workforce is incredibly powerful when it comes to showcasing an internal brand. After all, who knows better about what it’s really like to work for an organization?

  • Statistics and data about improved performance, retainment, and employee satisfaction. While stories are effective, numbers are, too.

  • Case studies focused on mindfulness. Examples of how mindfulness led to breakthroughs provide transparency into organizational practices and how they play out in work processes.

  • Thought leadership. Leaders who highlight mindfulness and its benefits in articles and blog posts highlight their organizations’ commitment to the practice to large and diverse audiences.

  • Organizational leadership. Teaming up with other organizations to promote mindfulness and share best practices shows a dedication that goes beyond the organization’s own interests.

Maintaining a mindful brand beyond recruitment

Mindful processes shouldn’t be limited to attracting employees — they should be implemented throughout the employment experience. Some suggested areas to target include:

  • Onboarding. Provide a thoughtful orientation, including assigning a “buddy” for questions, scheduling regular check-ins, and providing breaks for new hires to digest what they’ve learned.

  • Feedback. Ask employees frequently about their impressions of organizational mindfulness efforts, and review programming regularly to make sure it is aligned with their needs.

  • Training. Offer mindful leadership programs to managers, leaders, and other employees who want to advance within the organization.

  • Communication. Share mindfulness tips and experiences in internal newsletters and company-wide meetings.

Learn how to build a mindful employer brand

Learn more ways to attract and maintain a healthier workforce: Download our e-Book, “The Power of a Positive Employer Brand” for tips and guidance on implementing mindfulness into your recruiting, onboarding, and retention practices.

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