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What members are saying

I came to learn that the storyline in my head … was holding me back.

Peter, Belgium

on what he learned when sitting with himself

Headspace provides me with … a connection to myself, and a disconnection from negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Keri, UK

on finding her happy place

Changing my thoughts has allowed me to change my life.

Davide, London

on using meditation to turn his life around

I now go to a place where I was previously afraid to go — inward, to myself.

Felix, Germany

on learning to smile again

Headspace … has allowed me to simply be present with my patients, and not stuck in my emotions.

Tracey, Boston

on how meditation has benefited her as a nurse

Andy’s guidance helped me to understand the functioning of the mind.

Olga, Czech Republic

on the positive impact of guided meditations

I was broken … then someone told me to try meditation.

Lynne, UK

on how meditation proved to be a turning point

The stress and loneliness courses … taught me how to comfort myself.

Alicia, Canada

on managing the trauma of sexual assault

A happy workforce leads to a happy work environment.

Jaime, Spain

on the benefits of his employees embracing meditation

Headspace gives me a slice of the day that’s just for me.

Nadien, New Mexico

on prioritizing self-care

Your app brings so much peace and tolerance to our home.

Rachael, UK

on meditation’s positive effect on family life


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