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PodcastOvercoming Road Rage, with Kessonga

Overcoming Road Rage, with Kessonga

Kessonga and Robin answer questions about dealing with a narcissist in your family, overcoming road rage, and how to feel joy when depressed.

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Better mental health starts with Headspace

(mouse clicks) (bright music) Headspace Studio. Hello, friends. It's Robin, and I am so excited to be sitting here with my main man, Kessonga. And today, we are gonna be answering your questions about handling road rage, dealing with a narcissist in your family. And we also have a question about depression and just wanting to feel happy. So, I say, let's see if we can find some joy. Have you ever wished you had a wise meditation teacher on speed dial? Someone you can call after a long day. Someone you could lean on for their advice. Someone to listen and help you to see things differently. Welcome to "Dear Headspace", a podcast where I sit with a meditation teacher and we answer your questions. (upbeat music) Hi, Kess. (Kessonga chuckles) It's so lovely to see you today. Every day, but especially today. (Kessonga chuckles) Greetings, greetings, Robin. It's always a pleasure. Always a pleasure to share this space with you and with everyone, with everyone. Exactly. Have you heard the topics for today? I have to admit, 'cause I'm pretty excited about that first question. I think as two New Yorkers, we're- Prone to some road rage. We're gonna get into that one for sure. (Robin laughing) I think so. (Kessonga laughing) Well, let's just lead off with that one, okay? Sounds good. Here is the full question from Maj. Hi, "Dear Headspace". This is Maj calling from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm calling because I find myself often consumed by road rage as a driver and biker. Despite using the Headspace app daily for almost three and a half years and being better about acknowledging feelings and letting them go, I cannot seem to let the intense anger I feel go when I am cut off without a turn signal or disregarded when using a bike lane. Recently, a biker went out of turn and in my anger of concern that I could have hit him, I honked. Then, he gave me the finger. Any advice on how to manage my rage in the moment in a more meditative way? (Robin laughing) Excellent. Excellent question. It's such a good question. Mine is double parkers. Oh. I live in Brooklyn. The streets are small and it's filled with double parkers and my rage level hits 17 on a scale of 5. (Kessonga chuckles) For me... That's a good one. That's a good one, Robin. So, when I was living in New York, for me, it was the taxis. Yes. The taxis, they drive so recklessly and they... It's like they don't care Yeah. if they hit you or not. No, so this was a great question. I totally relate to it. This was totally me. Mm-hmm. I kept my hand on that honk, because it was that horn. (Robin laughing) That's what it's there for though. That- I like it better. I kept my hand on the honk. I think that's good. (Robin and Kessonga laughing) That's what it's there for. But- Yeah. So, I get your question, Maj. I totally get...


Duration30 min

About your teachers

  • A former Buddhist monk, Andy has guided people in meditation and mindfulness for 20 years. In his mission to make these practices accessible to all, he co-created the Headspace app in 2010.

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  • Eve is a mindfulness teacher, overseeing Headspace’s meditation curriculum. She is passionate about sharing meditation to help others feel less stressed and experience more compassion in their lives.

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  • As a meditation teacher, Dora encourages others to live, breathe, and be with the fullness of their experiences. She loves meditation’s power to create community and bring clarity to people’s minds.

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  • Kessonga has been an acupuncturists, therapist, and meditation teacher, working to bring mindfulness to the diverse populations of the world.

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  • Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. Rosie’s mission is to help others overcome adversity and experience radical love.

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