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PodcastGood Sleep, with Dora

Good Sleep, with Dora

Dora and Robin answer questions about restless leg syndrome, binging on YouTube before sleep, and dealing with neighbors who keep you up at night.

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Better mental health starts with Headspace

(bright music) Headspace Studios. Hi everybody. Robin here and I am so excited to be back with y'all for another episode of "Dear Headspace." Now, today I am joined by Dora and in the spirit of National Sleep Awareness Week, we got questions for you that are all related in some way to sleep. So, we'll be talking about restless leg syndrome. We'll also be talking about binging on YouTube or other comedies before you're trying to sleep. And we have a question about when your neighbors are making noise and keeping you up at night. I am exhausted just thinking about that loud neighbor. Alright, so let's get to it. Let's see if we can offer some solutions to these folks. Here we go. Have you ever wished you had a wise meditation teacher on speed dial. Someone you can call after a long day. Someone you could lean on for their advice. Someone to listen and help you to see things differently. Welcome to "Dear Headspace," a podcast where I sit with a meditation teacher and we answer your questions. (upbeat music) Alright, Dora, you're looking fabulous. You're looking well rested, which is good since we're gonna be talking about sleep. Wow, yeah, I did get a nice eight hours of sleep last night, so thank you for noticing. Is that your traditional is eight hours? How are you on the sleep? Eight to nine hours. I sleep well. Me too. I sleep good and I sleep a lot. Some would call it escapism, but I just need my rest. Listen, we're doing the best we can, all right? And listen, today, we've got a tired group of callers, so I think we better get right to it. All right, here is our first question from Mayan. Hello, this is Mayan from India. My question is that whenever I'm tired, I feel a lot of urge, a lot of craving to binge on comedy videos, comedy movies. And whenever I do that, what happens to me that I feel more drained down. I do not feel relaxed, I do not feel fresh and I mess up with my sleep. So, my question is that, can you please suggest me some good wind down routines when I've had a very long, hard day at work and I'm very tired and I feel like doing nothing. What wind down routines can I follow that will help me go to sleep early and help me feel fresh the next morning? So, that's what I wanted to ask. Thanks a lot. Mayan, this question is real. I mean, Dora, I wanna hear if you're better than me. I already know you are, but like, I can open up the Instagram Reels or TikTok or YouTube Shorts and I can just scroll and scroll and then turn around and 90 minutes went by and I'm like, "What happened to my life?" And that's not restful. Yeah, not at all. I have been since I...


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  • A former Buddhist monk, Andy has guided people in meditation and mindfulness for 20 years. In his mission to make these practices accessible to all, he co-created the Headspace app in 2010.

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  • Eve is a mindfulness teacher, overseeing Headspace’s meditation curriculum. She is passionate about sharing meditation to help others feel less stressed and experience more compassion in their lives.

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  • As a meditation teacher, Dora encourages others to live, breathe, and be with the fullness of their experiences. She loves meditation’s power to create community and bring clarity to people’s minds.

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  • Kessonga has been an acupuncturists, therapist, and meditation teacher, working to bring mindfulness to the diverse populations of the world.

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  • Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. Rosie’s mission is to help others overcome adversity and experience radical love.

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