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As a Headspace for Work partner, you’re taking great steps to make your workplace healthier and happier.

Now, we want to showcase the work your organization is doing to support mental health and company culture by inviting you to collaborate with us through the Headspace for Work Partner Spotlight program.

Topic 1: Navigating the return to office

In this case study, we would utilize Stress Outcomes Reporting before, during, and after the Red Bull team’s return to the office to measure the impact of Headspace for Work on how employees navigate change management. This topic would also feature Red Bull as a thought leader in best practices for returning the office and valuing team collaboration and connection.

This approach would require Red Bull to promote the Stress Outcomes Reporting feature to the Red Bull employee base. Headspace can support in developing this messaging.

Topic 2: Managing burnout and retaining top talent

In this case study, we would highlight how Red Bull is using Headspace for Work to prevent and manage employee burnout, in addition to how Red Bull’s broader mental health program helps to recruit and retain top talent.

This approach would require Red Bull to promote a general survey to employees. Headspace can supply the survey content, but the Red Bull team would need to send out the survey internally.


How it works

  • We’ll complete a case study on your company’s Headspace for Work experience (we do all the heavy lifting — all you have to do is review and approve).
  • Your organization’s story will be featured across Headspace for Work’s social media channels, and on the Headspace for Work homepage.
  • You’ll be mentioned frequently in promotional emails to the Headspace for Work audience.

What to expect

  • Stand out as a leader in supporting mental health in the workplace.
  • Enjoy increased exposure to new channels and audiences, and attract top-level talent.
  • Get featured on the Headspace for Work Social network, which has a LinkedIn audience of 170,179+ people.

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