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Meditation has been shown to help people stress1 less, focus2 more and even boost creativity3. And there’s maybe no easier way to learn than with the Headspace app. In just a few minutes a day, Headspace can teach your team the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness. Are you a non-profit? click here

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The guide to a healthier mind

Meditation has been shown to help with everything from stress and anxiety to focus and creativity.

Meditate anytime, anywhere

Meditate anytime, anywhere

All you need is your phone and the Headspace app.

Happy, healthy employees

Happy employees make for healthy companies

It’s pretty simple. Happy, healthy people are innovative, productive employees.

Focus on what matters to you

Headspace has dozens of themed packs and hundreds of meditations to choose from.

Headspace Stress Pack


Enjoy a healthier mind by developing your awareness of stress and learning how to reframe negative emotions.
Headspace Sleep pack


Create the inner and outer conditions you need for a truly restful night’s sleep.
Headspace Focus pack


Familiarize yourself with a relaxed, precise kind of focus. Neither too intense, nor too loose.
Headspace Creativity pack


Learn how to recognize your creativity and give it the freedom to grow.
Headspace Balance pack


Work towards a more balanced mind, recognize calmness and become less reactive, even in tough situations.
Enjoy a healthier mind by developing your awareness of stress and learning how to reframe negative emotions.

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Happy4, healthy people make for innovative, productive employees. It doesn’t take an entire team meditating to see an effect though. A few people being a bit nicer or more patient can make the whole office a better place. So just imagine if everyone in your workplace took a little time each day to treat their minds right.

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