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How you can support your team’s mental health with Headspace

Nearly every business in the world will be feeling the effects of COVID-19. Headspace wants you to know we’re here for you and your workplace. We know an app on your phone can’t solve what’s going on. What we do know is we can support and guide you and your business as best as we can.

Starting today, Headspace is offering a collection of guided meditations and exercises (including brand-new recordings) available for free to all employers and their employees. It’s our small way of helping you and your workplace approach every day with compassion and understanding, as you look to keep your business as healthy and happy as possible.


Best practices

Take a compassionate approach to supporting your team through the stress and anxiety of COVID-19.


Employer resources and tools

Remind your team why stress management, sleep, and self-care are important during challenging times.


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Headspace for Work is a digital mental health program your team can use anywhere, scientifically proven to cut stress, reduce burnout, and increase positivity.

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