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The best deal in the galaxy

Headspace is the mindfulness app here to help you find your force every day with meditations, sleep exercises, and expert guidance for the whole family. Try 2 months for free with this limited time offer from Headspace.

Restrictions apply. See full terms and conditions at Valid through 09/08/22. Must be 18+.

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Find your force

Explore fun mindfulness exercises for every Wookiee™ in the family.
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The best sleep 
in the galaxy

Create conditions for restful sleep, and be kind to your mind like a Jedi™.
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Focus like a Jedi™

Mind: Focused. Force: Strong.

Find your light side with Star Wars™

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Find your Force

Join Chewbacca™ and BB-8™ for a mindful adventure across the Star Wars™ galaxy.

2 - X-wing @2x

Star Wars™ X-wing Voyage

Settle in for a bedtime trip across the galaxy.

3 - R2-D2 @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with R2-D2™

Relax your galaxy in a few breaths.

4 - Ahch-To @2x

Star Wars™ Islands of Ahch-To™

A gentle storm passes over the first sacred Jedi™ Temple.

5 - Yoda @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with Yoda™

Dark side. Deep breath. Light side.

6 - Tatooine @2x

Star Wars™ Tatooine™ Sunset

Find ease amidst the desolate desert landscape.

7 - BB-8 @2x

Star Wars™ Breathe with BB-8™

Recharge and reset with a few deep breaths.

Find your Force

Get 2 months free

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