Relationships Meditation

Meditation helps you enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

Relationships Meditation


No matter how hard you try, sometimes you and your partner just might not see eye to eye. It’s natural. You’re two different people. Fortunately, regular meditation can help boost your compassion, not just for the people closest to you but for everyone you meet. An increase in compassion makes it easier to empathize with your partner and accept them as they are. It might even make you a little easier to get along with too.


A study evaluating the benefits of a mindfulness-based relationship enhancement program suggests that mindfulness enhances couples' levels of relationship satisfaction, autonomy, closeness and acceptance of each other, while reducing relationship distress.1 In fact, three months after participating in the study, couples were still experiencing these improvements.


Researchers have found that mindfulness can enhance your sexual relationship with your partner. In fact, one study showed a direct link between mindfulness and sexual satisfaction.2 It just goes to show you don’t have to be a monk to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness.

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