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Welcome Psychology Today readers! Here at Headspace we really hope that you’ve enjoyed Andy’s contribution to the site and are looking forward to seeing how we can continue to help you feel the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.

So what exactly is Headspace?

Headspace is meditation made relevant to your everyday life and we’d love to give you some easy-to-learn techniques to help you de-stress, worry less, catch those precious zzz’s and generally get some more calm and clarity in the here and now. All available online or on your iPhone or Android.

As a big thank you for taking the time to come and visit us we’re offering the Psychology Today community 3 months free on the Headspace Journey. That’s just $5.99/£3.74per month for a whole year of Headspace, saving you $23.97/£14.97*

*Choose the yearly subscription and enter the code: PSYCHOLOGYTODAY into the promo code box at checkout

What's included in the Headspace subscription?

Get access to hundreds of hours of inspiring, creativity boosting sessions, fascinating insights and super handy tools to help you on your journey to a happier and healthier mind.

  • Get the meditation basics just right in the Foundation Course starting with Take10, 10 x 10-minute sessions of gently and expertly guided meditation.
  • Integrate mindfulness in your everyday activities with Lifestyle Headspace - from walking and running to cooking and eating.
  • Develop confidence in the Series Collection, with topics ranging from creativity and stress to sleep and happiness, where you can customise your own journey around whatever's most important to you.
  • Find some instant calm in a moment of need with SOS Headspace - short 2-min sessions to help you feel more in control.

...all starting with just 10 minutes a day.

To help us fulfil our mission of improving the health and happiness of the world, for every Headspace subscription purchased, we will donate one to someone in need.

And what does science actually say about mindfulness?

Check out our Headspace Science pages that tackle everything from Anxiety to Stress, Focus to Addiction by clicking here

So thanks again for paying us a visit, you can get started on your Headspace Journey now by clicking the button below. Can’t wait to see you on the road! The Headspace Team.

* Offer only applicable to the yearly subscription