Meditation during chemotherapy.

This is meditation in action. Pure and simple. How do we take that new-found quality of calm, clear awareness from our meditation and apply it to everyday life? It might be to improve our sense of performance, satisfaction, fulfilment, or even to reduce the feelings of discomfort for a medical condition. Whatever the reason, here’s where you can share your thoughts.

Meditation during chemotherapy.

by jeansmiles » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:07 am

Hi friends
I am new to this ... though have always had an interest in meditation. Sadly I have a terminal cancer condition and have just had a second bout of chemotherapy in an attempt to be alive long enough to see my granddaughter born in March. I am coping with the diagnosis but some of the side effects of the chemo are very unpleasant. I am attempting meditation now to help me get through these times and also to help me on to a very peaceful and loving end to my life.... I am lucky I am surrounded by such a loving family and friends. I just wondered if anybody had any helpful thoughts for me.
I do try to make the best of each and every day
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