Listening to music whilst meditating

This is meditation in action. Pure and simple. How do we take that new-found quality of calm, clear awareness from our meditation and apply it to everyday life? It might be to improve our sense of performance, satisfaction, fulfilment, or even to reduce the feelings of discomfort for a medical condition. Whatever the reason, here’s where you can share your thoughts.

Listening to music whilst meditating

by meditator-c8fd49e08a » Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:03 pm

I just wondered if anyone uses music whilst meditating or what Headspace HQ's opinion is. I live in the city and there are a lot of noises around and there is an awful lot of sound from neighbours. I have tried to incorporate the noises within my meditation but it doesn't always work and often delays or completely puts me off meditating.

Can gentle, appropriate music be used to block out some of the less welcome sounds?

Thanks very much for any guidance
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