what to focus on

This is meditation in action. Pure and simple. How do we take that new-found quality of calm, clear awareness from our meditation and apply it to everyday life? It might be to improve our sense of performance, satisfaction, fulfilment, or even to reduce the feelings of discomfort for a medical condition. Whatever the reason, here’s where you can share your thoughts.

what to focus on

by meditator-3BYQK1 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:46 am

Recently I went for a long walk in the country with my family and found it very difficult to find something to focus on in my attempt to be mindful. I tried focusing on the experience of my feet hitting the ground but was continuously distracted from this by people chatting to me, looking at the views, watching where I was going, thoughts in my head etc. I just could not find anything to keep myself present. By the end of the walk I had developed a bad headache and noticed that I was tensing the muscles at the base of my skull, which I guess was from trying too hard to be present. Ever since this experience I develop this tension whenever I try to be mindful, it seems to be an automatic response I have little if any control over.

How can I remain present when in this type of activity, and what can I do about this tension I am now experiencing?
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