Some of the packs are very similar to one another-thoughts?

This is meditation in action. Pure and simple. How do we take that new-found quality of calm, clear awareness from our meditation and apply it to everyday life? It might be to improve our sense of performance, satisfaction, fulfilment, or even to reduce the feelings of discomfort for a medical condition. Whatever the reason, here’s where you can share your thoughts.

Some of the packs are very similar to one another-thoughts?

by JimBob1973 » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:34 pm


I have just finished doing the 30 day anxiety pack and was looking forward to doing the self-esteem pack but it seems to be extremely similar to the anxiety pack. Andy talked about the "noting" technique in the anxiety pack and the 3 different layers of noting. I am a couple of days into the self-esteem pack and I am learning about "noting" again. As they are dealing with different issues I thought the packs would be different to one another. I am pretty sure that one of the other packs I have previously done involved "noting" also. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this or had any thoughts ?

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