Always Mindful?

This is meditation in action. Pure and simple. How do we take that new-found quality of calm, clear awareness from our meditation and apply it to everyday life? It might be to improve our sense of performance, satisfaction, fulfilment, or even to reduce the feelings of discomfort for a medical condition. Whatever the reason, here’s where you can share your thoughts.

Always Mindful?

by meditator-K91PR6 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:05 pm

Hi, I'm mid-way through the 3rd foundation pack, and it's just starting to touch on mindfulness in daily life. I've been curious enough about where it's going that I've started reading more in various places. One of the things I keep seeing is about multitasking, even when it comes to having a snack while watching a movie and how you can't fully experience both if doing them at the same time. I'm all about being more mindful and want to give this a try, and it's nice to kind of stop at some point during the day to check in with myself and the moment, but is it really supposed to be a goal to not OK to enjoy some multitasking such as popcorn with a movie? Or a morning coffee while scrolling through Facebook, listening to music while jogging, etc? I'm new, and I tried doing a search (didn't work - terms were too common?), so I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times. I want to be mindful sometimes, but I'm not interested in trying to be mindful ALL of the time.

I read that mindfulness can be more like something that we practice (especially through meditation) and that it otherwise can kind of go on in the background where we notice stuff without always forcing ourselves to be mindful 24/7.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts!
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