Struggling with daily exercise in Creativity pack

As an idea, meditation is incredibly simple, but in practice it can be rather more challenging. Obstacles are common and it’s important that we feel comfortable and confident with that, knowing that others are experiencing just the same thing. So, if you have a question or a reflection about the exercise itself or any element of practice, this is the place to go.

Struggling with daily exercise in Creativity pack

by lauren_alexa » Sun May 17, 2015 6:18 am

I'm on Day 11 of the Creativity pack, where Andy says we should be flashing "the exercise" during the day for 30 seconds and writing down the first thought that comes to our heads, or drawing a picture. I'm struggling because I'm not sure if "the exercise" is imagining the creative spark coming from the center of our chest, or if it's focusing on the breath and letting the mind go in intervals. I think it's the first one, but I also am having a hard time writing down the first thing that comes into my head... all I have in my head is the last thing I visualized (i.e. the creative spark encompassing the planet or something)!

Would appreciate any insight or support from the community!
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