"Imagining the body filling with liquid sunlight"

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"Imagining the body filling with liquid sunlight"

by meditator-D3JKRF » Mon May 04, 2015 9:25 pm

I am on to the Stress pack and on it we are guided through a visualisation exercise whereby we should imagine the body is being filled with liquid sunlight. I am having some trouble and it is causing me some stress and making me resistant to do the day's meditation.

1. I struggle with any sort of visualisation to be honest. I think being a 'ocd-perfectionist' may have something to do with it.

2. How important is the actual image in the mind (the visualisation). To what extent am I to focus on the image in the mind and to what extent the feeling in the body.

3. What is the difference between this exercise and 'scanning the body'?

4. What exactly is "liquid sunlight"?

5. Andy says to imagine the liquid sunlight but at the end says to focus on the 'empty space'. If I have just imagined my body filling up with 'liquid sunlight' then what empty space?

6. Do I focus on the liquid sunlight coming in through my head and flowing down my body, as well as the toes (ETC) filling up one by one. It is as though there is to things I should be thinking about.

7. I find it easy(ish) to focus on the feeling of the body sort of filling up (well, it is more like scanning the body) on it's own but not at the same time as visualising.

8. As I am focussing on the exercise, Andy comes in and says 'past the knees,' then a bit later 'past the chest' and so forth. I feel as though I cannot go at my own pace and have to wait until he speaks. It is not smooth. I am either behind or ahead where he is at and have to go back or speed things up.

9. I thought meditation was about quieting the mind not making it more active by thinking/visualising?
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